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As soon as 'Midsummer Chaos' premiered on Youtube, it stirred a Twitter storm. With the content of this new web series serving as a fooder for memes, Twitter users had a field day.

Midsummer Chaos is a coming-of-age story that revolves around privileged young adults, and their struggles with family, relationships, and identity as they navigate through life. Although the series was created with an aim to produce relatable content for youth, teens on Twitter failed to relate to it. However, they did not pass on the opportunity to create memes out of it.

Social media user Me1ancolie asked fellow tweeps to stop hating on the show:

"Guys! stop hating on midsummer chaos I’m tired of liking all the tweets."

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Twitter user S somehow found to be accurately depicting what she called "elite class teenagers in Pakistan":

"I've been seeing critiques about how "unrealistic" midsummer chaos is all over the tl. on the contrary, this is perhaps the sole strength of the show. elite class teenagers in Pakistan really are as overwhelmingly vapid as the show portrays. mujey tou barra realistic laga."

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Shahmir, on Twitter, took a dig at the dialogues and plot of the show:

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Twitter user Taha Tariq had a different approach. He said the reliability is not the main point...maybe badly written and executed drama is.

"Remember that the problem with Midsummer Chaos is not that it's "unrelatable" - so is Breaking Bad unless your dad is a teacher at Beaconhouse selling crystal meth. Great stories come from all different walks of life and can include characters not even remotely similar to us. The problem lies elsewhere and much has been already said about it (dialogue, acting, and unnecessarily melodramatic characters that unfortunately reveal themselves as constructed, among other things)."

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However, it seems that the cast of Midsummer Chaos is unbothered about the criticism and excited about the next episode. Drama lead Mustafa Babar, who essays the role of Harris in the series, took to Twitter the appreciate the series. In a tweet, Babar said:

"Honestly I'm proud of Midsummer chaos. It's my first proper acting project and I have a long way to go; with limited resources, we did our best. @SarymAhmed Proud of you. I'm soo excited for other episodes to come Clinking glasses (coming every week)."

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