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Gujranwala police arrest man for harassing women in the name of 'prank'

اپ ڈیٹ 17 جون 2021
A photo of the accused who is reported to have filmed women as he harassed them.
A photo of the accused who is reported to have filmed women as he harassed them.

Gujranwala city police on Thursday has arrested a man for harassing women in the name of 'prank' and filming them without their consent after social media outrage.

According to the details, Superintendent Police Sadar Gakhar Mandi Abdul Wahab took notice of the viral video and arrested the man whose identity remains hidden. The City Police Officer Sarfaraz Ahmed Falki, while commenting on the incident, said the protecting the dignity of the public is the first priority of police.

Source: Twitter

As per the police sources, further investigation is underway and legal action will be taken against the accused.

Source: Twitter

The incident:

A video went viral on Twitter on Wednesday of a man approaching and pestering women on roads and public places for 'not wearing headscarves'.

Social media user Sadaf Alvi shared the video questioning why authorities have not yet take action against him despite these videos being available on the internet for months.

"His videos of harassing women have been on [the] internet for months but this person is still free to harass more women and post their videos on the internet. Is this not a crime? Who will identify him and arrest him and protect Pakistani women? @amnaappi can you help??

Source: Twitter

Twitter user Hunza Malghani said the video has left her speechless:

"The audacity of this man harassing a mother and her daughter on street and then putting it online as a prank...I am speechless."

Source: Twitter