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Mufti Abdul Qavi embroiled in controversy, again

اپ ڈیٹ 23 جون 2021
The controversial religious scholar is back in the news for a leaked video.
The controversial religious scholar is back in the news for a leaked video.

In a leaked video which emerged on social media on Monday, Abdul Qavi, the controversial religious cleric, appears to be performing indecent acts while completely naked.

Qavi has been at the center of multiple controversies across his career. This latest one comes in the form of a video in which Qavi appears to be masturbating on a video call. The other person on the call is muted and has their video off, but Qavi can be seen clearly engaged in sexual activity. He ends the call by getting into bed and blowing kisses at the camera.

Qavi is no stranger to controversy.

In January this year, his family stripped him of the title “Mufti” at a press conference they held in Multan. “He should not be addressed as Mufti anymore as he has damaged our family and its respect,” his uncle said.

This incident took place after a video of Qavi being slapped by TikTok star Hareem Shah’s cousin also went viral. Shah alleged that Qavi had made sexually inappropriate comments about her and her friends, leading to the slap. After this, his uncle claimed that Qavi’s phone had been confiscated as his doctor claimed that, “[Qavi’s] thoughts were not in his control.”

Qavi was also at the center of Qandeel Baloch’s murder case in 2016. He had originally been called to ‘guide’ Baloch towards an Islamic path but instead, invited her to meet him in Karachi. The two of them proceeded to upload a series of selfies that received backlash from people across Pakistan. He was criticized for his involvement with her, removed from the Ruet-e-Hilal committee, and expelled from PTI. Before her murder, Baloch said she thought she could, “expose him as he is in reality". She stated, “He is a different person alone and different when he has his followers around him”. During her murder case, he was on the list of suspects.

Monday’s incident comes days after a video of Mufti Azizur Rehman sexually assaulting his students surfaced on the internet.

Many people across social media have expressed their displeasure regarding the video of Abdul Qavi. Journalist Amber Shamsi tweeted:

Another user echoed similar sentiments, saying:

Activist Usman Khijli also pointed out the double standards in his tweet:

Many others agree that Qavi does not deserve the title of ‘Mufti’: