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Fawad slams opposition ahead of PDM's Karachi rally

28 اگست 2021
The PDM plans to hold its Karachi rally on Sunday. File photo from previous PDM rally
The PDM plans to hold its Karachi rally on Sunday. File photo from previous PDM rally

Ahead of the PDM meeting in Karachi on Saturday, Pakistan's information minister Fawad Hussain criticized the opposition on a host of issues.

In a press conference, Fawad also made a dig at Maulana Fazlur Rehman, chief of the PDM, saying he expects him to become sick after their rally on Sunday.

He also asked Shehbaz Sharif who was leading the PML-N, a reference to rumors of rifts between the Sharif brothers and fissures in the party.

"Let the Noo leaders first decide who will lead their party," he said.

The PDM is holding a rally on Sunday in a bid to revive its anti-government drive.

The PDM is meeting in Karachi to address the issues they plan to take up in their rally on Sunday at Quaid's mausoleum.

Fawad also lashed out at PPP rule in Sindh, saying he was confident this would be their last term in the province. He said the next government will be PTI's.

He described Maryam Nawaz and Bilawal Zardari as inexperienced leaders.

He also asked the opposition to submit its performance report so it can be compared to the PTI's.

He also commented on Junaid Safdar's recent nikah to Aisha Saif in London saying the family spent a $1million at the ceremony and while they can marry where they want, "Mian Sahib should not marry his grandson with our [taxpayers] money."