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Court to indict 12 people, including Zahir, in Noor's murder case on Oct 6

Islamabad High Court has reserved verdict on post-arrest bail plea of Zahir's parents
Published 23 Sep, 2021 06:46pm
Noor Mukadam was murdered on July 20 in Islamabad. File photo
Noor Mukadam was murdered on July 20 in Islamabad. File photo

An Additional Judge and Session Court will indict 12 people accused in Noor Mukadam's murder case, including the prime accused Zahir Jaffer, on October 6.

Those who will be indicted namely Zahir, his parents Zakir Jaffer and Asmat Adamjee, three household staff Iftikhar, Jan Muhammad and Jameel and six Therapy Works employees including Tahir Zahoor, Amjad, Dilip Kumar, Abdul Haq, Wamiq and Samar Abbas.

During the hearing of the case on Thursday under Addition Session Judge Atta Rabbani, copies of the challan were distributed among the accused.

Zahir and other six accused, including the prime accused parents, who were in the custody, were presented before the court, while six other people, who were on bail, accused in the murder were appeared in the court.

Meanwhile, the Islamabad High Court on Thursday reserved verdict on post-arrest bail plea of Zahir's parents, Zakir Jaffer and Asmat Adamjee

During the course of hearing under Justice Amir Farooq, Advocate Shah Khawar, the council for Noor's family, opposed the bail plea of Zahir's parents saying irrelevant witnesses were not included in the case and the trial would be completed soon.

He added they had total 18 witnesses, including two private ones.

According to the witnesses, Zahir's parents were in contact with the prime accused and they are connected with the murder. Therefore, they shouldn't be granted bail.

The police informed the court that the Federal Investigation Agency was due to submit forensic report of mobile phones, while Zahir's cell phone screen was broken and the password of Noor's phone couldn't be found yet.

Justice Amir remarked that experts were available in the market and it was unfortunate to say that if the police couldn't do it, they should hire "a hacker" for unlocking the phones.

During the course of hearing, it was revealed that Zahir's mother used to work as a consultant for Therapy Works.

The petitioner's lawyer, Khawaja Harris, said the challan sumbitted in the court was incomplete and the evidences couldn't be proved yet. Therefore, the accused could not be deprived of the right to bail, he added.

Justice Amir remarked this case would set precedence for criminal cases in the country.


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