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PM Imran's comments on talks with TTP draw social media ire

Updated 01 Oct, 2021
In his interview with TRT the prime minister said they are talking to the banned TTP. Andalou
In his interview with TRT the prime minister said they are talking to the banned TTP. Andalou

Prime Minister Imran Khan Friday said that Pakistan is in talks with some factions of the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) for reconciliation and peace.

Speaking in an interview with TRT World's Ali Mustafa in Islamabad, Khan said that some of the groups in TTP want to talk to the government of Pakistan for peace and the government is in talks with them.

Khan said if they lay down arms and become "normal citizens" they would be forgiven.

The premier said he has never believed in military solutions. "I always believe political dialogues is the way."

When asked if the Afghan Taliban are engaged in the dialogue between Pakistan and TTP, Khan said yes in the sense that the talks are taking place in Afghanistan.

Pakistan banned the TTP in 2008 and banned their appearances on media as well. The US declared the TTP as foreign terrorist organization in 2010.

Earlier this month the TTP issued a warning to Pakistani journalists asking them to stop referring to them as terrorist outfits.

“Using such terms for TTP showed a partisan role of media and journalists,” it said, adding this is a stigma on the profession of journalism," the statement attributed to its spokesperson Mohammad Khurasani said.

Following clips of the prime minister's comments about negotiations with the TTP, people turned to Twitter to share their thoughts.

A user, while reacting to the premier's comments regarding forgiving the TTP, said Pakistan is going to forgive those who cut off the heads of school children.

Sharjeel Memon also took to Twitter to criticize any move to recognize the TTP.

Another political commentator used the opportunity to share her theory about a strong alliance between Pakistan and Afghan Taliban.

Journalist Moeed Pirzada expressed concern and urged caution in any dialogue, saying it looked like a surrender to the TTP.