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Rapper and comedian Ali Gul Pir's video on Thursday mimicking a woman who refused to mask up at Test Kitchen has been appreciated not just for the laughs, but for his message asking people to respect restaurant staff.

The incident in question centers around a video posted by a social media user on Thursday showing a woman, without a mask, arguing with staff at Test Kitchen who asked to see her vaccine record. She seems visibly angry and challenges the staff member, saying his request is a violation of her rights.

The government of Sindh made it mandatory for restaurants to ask for vaccination records of customers wanting to dine in their premises.

The woman, named desi Karen on social media, a reference to white American women who behave poorly using their rights as a shield, was widely criticized for her actions.

However, Pir, who's known for his mimicry videos of viral videos, took the opportunity to tweet a message asking people to respect restaurant staff.

When asked how he put together the video so quickly, he replied he had collected a vast wardrobe over the years.

While Pir's video received wide praise -- for the hilarity and the message of tolerance -- Sindh advisor Murtaza Wahab took to Twitter to praise the staff at Test Kitchen for standing their ground.

Pir is also known to take up social justice issues and he often raises these issues in his music as well.