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Shahbaz Gill calls Maryam Nawaz 'political witch'

14 Oct, 2021
The SAPM holds a press conference in Islamabad. File photo
The SAPM holds a press conference in Islamabad. File photo

In response to Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader Maryam Nawaz's comments on Wednesday about the government running on "jadoo tona" (magic), Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Political Communication Shahbaz Gill called Maryam was a "political witch".

"It is a astonishing that the political existence of the people [Maryam Nawaz] is a cause of evil and they are talking about djins," said Gill in a video message issued on Wednesday.

The premier's assistant also held a press conference in Islamabad on Wednesday and said the opposition leader should confine her views to politics instead of talking about superstitions.

Talking about the earlier accusations on PML-N vice president that included Qatari letter, fake trust deed, calibri font, Gill said: "Now she is talking about djins, witches and black magic."

Talking about corruption cases in which the party's supremo Nawaz Sharif and Maryam have been convicted, the premier's aide rhetorically asked following questions from the PML-N leader:

"Which djins have shifted your money abroad?"

"Which djins have helped you [Maryam] and your father [Nawaz Sharif] in establishing the appartments abroad?"

"Were there any djins in the basement of your [Maryam's] home who were printing dollars? And did you [Maryam] buy apartments from that money?"

Dr Gill was referring to Maryam's comments to the media after a hearing in Islamabad High Court, in which she described Prime Minister Imran Khan's identity as one confined to conspiracies and the premier had no role to play according to the principles of law and democracy.

She said the prime minister will have to "answer for his conspiracies".

The PML-N leader said that if the use of "magic" has yielded such success, then it should be put to use to alleviate the petrol, diesel, flour crises.

"If your magic is so successful then why don't you use it for the good of the people?" she asked.