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Pakistanis brought their A game on Twitter to celebrate Sunday night's "historic" win against India at the T20 match in Dubai.

The commentary was incisive.

They said the bad luck of Pakistan losing to India was finally broken on Sunday.

When it came to berating India, Pakistanis reserved their gloating for Bollywood star Akhshay Kumar.

Kumar is well known for his support of the Modi government which perhaps explains why he was subject to the scorn.

Virat Kohli, who was largely celebrated for showing grace in defeat, was also a subject of memes.

There were also moments where sportsmanship was appreciated. One example was Shahnawaz Dahani sharing a photo with Dhoni, a cricketer he admired.

But undeniably, the hilarity was also a winner on Twitter.

An apt summing up was the Meme Legend's smiling face.