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Parliamentarians appreciate measures to safeguard Pakistan’s security

The parliamentarians across the divide appreciated the comprehensive briefing by the ISI on national security.
Published 08 Nov, 2021 09:27pm
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ISLAMABAD: The parliamentarians across the divide on Monday appreciated the comprehensive briefing by the ISI on national security, foreign affairs, internal and external challenges faced by the country and expressed satisfaction over the measures taken to counter the threats and tackle the challenges ahead.

The Parliamentary Committee on National Security that met under the chairmanship of Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser in Parliament House, was briefed by the Director-General Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Lt Gen Faiz Hameed about regional and political challenges especially the situation in Indian illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir and Afghanistan, here at the Parliament House.

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi in a chat with the media at the Parliament House said DG ISI gave a presentation while Chief of the Army Staff responded to the queries raised during the briefing.

He said the Opposition Leader Shahbaz Sharif and other opposition leaders also presented their points of view.

Qureshi said he also gave the government’s stance on the latest situation in Afghanistan, the progress made so far and the government’s desire for the future of Afghanistan.

“The objective was to take the opposition leaders into confidence. They were taken into confidence and were apprised of the whole situation.”

The foreign minister said though he was bound not to reveal the details of the in-camera session; however, added that the meeting was held in a cordial atmosphere where both the sides listened to each other’s viewpoint with patience.

Interior Minister said the briefing was held under “a fantastic atmosphere.”

“Such an atmosphere should continue to prevail,” he said when probed about the details.

Asked about any decision regarding TTP, he said no decision was neither made regarding TTP.

To another question whether there was any discussion about Prime Minister Imran Khan’s categorical stance of “Absolutely Not”, the Interior Minister replied in negative.

The meeting that was attended by national parliamentary and political leadership, members of the National Assembly and Senate, provincial leadership, Prime Minister AJ&K, also had a Question & Answer at the end of the briefing. Later the members of the committee presented their recommendations.

Several of the participants said they were impressed by the effective measures taken by Pakistan’s elite intelligence agency in countering and neutralising multiple threats; particularly from its eastern neighbour, which was also using the soil of Afghanistan for its ulterior objectives, by using the Afghan NDS. They said due to its effective countermeasures Pakistan today was a safe country, for foreign investors and tourists, alike.


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