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Hassan Ali's wife denies family receiving any threats

13 Nov, 2021
Samiya Arzoo says she does not have a Twitter account. Instagram
Samiya Arzoo says she does not have a Twitter account. Instagram

Hassan Ali's wife, Samiya Arzoo, denied that she and her family had received threats from people following Pakistan's loss in the semi final to Australia on Thursday.

She took to Instagram to share the screenshot of a fake Twitter account with the handle @SamiyaArzoo.

Although the fake Twitter account has since been taken down people have shared screenshots from the time the person claiming to be Hassan's wife appealed to the prime minister and PCB for help from the threats to their lives.

"So many tweets circulating from this fake account that I, Hassan and my daughter are getting threats from the people of Pakistan, which is absolutely wrong," she wrote in an Instagram story.

"Instead, we have seen tons of support. Please don't believe any such statements and don't follow any such accounts on Twitter pretending to be me," she said asking people to report the account as fake.

Hassan has been the subject of much malignment following his failed attempt to catch a ball during the semi final with Australia. Captain Babar Azam took to social media to defend the fielder and asked people not to say anything against him.

Many Pakistanis also showed their support for Hassan saying he should not be judged for one match.

Many social media users noted that the fake Twitter account had disappeared.

Many suspect Indians to be behind the fake account, a reference to the false stories spread about Hassan being targeted for being a Shia, another falsehood which was debunked.

Many blamed his wife as she's Indian herself.