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Sajid Sadpara recovering after breakdown during Everest climb

Updated 17 Nov, 2021
Left to right, Sajid Sadpara, Marc Batard and his son Alan in Namche Bazaar yesterday. Photo courtesy: Marc Batard
Left to right, Sajid Sadpara, Marc Batard and his son Alan in Namche Bazaar yesterday. Photo courtesy: Marc Batard

Sajid Sadpara, son of the late Pakistani climber Ali Sadpara of Skardu, is recovering from a nervous breakdown that he experienced during an expedition at the world's highest peak the Mount Everest, Aaj News reported on Tuesday.

Sadpara is in Nepal as part of a team of climbers that includes 69-year-old French mountaineer Marc Batard and his son along with seasoned Nepalese climber Pasang Nuru Sharpa.

Th purpose of the expedition is to explore a new, 'safer' route from the base camp of Mt Everest to Camp I and Camp II, the Frenchman told Himalayan Times. These are the two camps from where climbers can then attempt to scale the world's highest peak without crossing the treacherous icefall section.

According to available information, Sajid suffered the breakdown as his team were exploring routes to Camp 1.

On November 11, the younger Sadpara had shared his excitement about the expedition in a tweet while mentioning the trek from base camp to Camp 1, referring to them as ''BC to C1".

As per Aaj TV, he was rescued by local climbers, who then had to tie him up to ensure he was transported back to the base camp safely.

A Twitter account with the handle @TeamGBReal posted a video clip earlier today that shows the 21-year-old tied up and visibly dazed. A man then helps the restrained Sadpara drink water while telling him that "everything will be alright, you were just feeling unwell".

It isn't wasn't immediately clear whether the remaining team members were present and when Sadpara was untied.

Karrar Haidri of the Alpine Club of Pakistan told Urdu News that Sajid Sadpara had suffered high-altitude sickness due to which he had to be sent back form the base camp.

As per reports, the Pakistan embassy in Kathmandu had been contacted to ensure Sadpara was safely airlifted to the capital for a thorough medical examination.

It must be mentioned here that Sajid was part of the team that attempted the winter ascent of K2 in February, during which his father and two other climbers lost their lives. Sajid had to abort that summit due to an equipment malfunction.

Originally, Muhammad Ali Sadpara was part of Batard's team to find the new 'safer' route to help to the top of Everest. But following his death in the K2 expedition, the younger Sadpara took his father's place.