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Minister of information and broadcasting has become a topic of memes and internet trolling after a video in which he calls garlic “adrak” (ginger) has gone viral on social media.

The video is from a press conference on inflation that took place on Tuesday. Chaudhry is heard saying “garlic is adrak,” which are two very different commonly used herbs used for cooking across the world.

The minister’s slip of tongue caught the attention of netizens at once and the trolling began.

One angry user wants to know if Chaudhry is the information minister or is misinformation/misinformed minister.

While another tweeted, “Information minister needs some serious info regarding vegetables.”

This user cracked exactly how garlic must be feeling after this event.

Questions were also raised about the minister’s “adrak wali chai.”

Journalist Shafi Naqi Jamie tweeted that there’s a “new dictionary. Garlic is called ginger.”

But Chaudhry isn’t the only one who believes that garlic is “adrak,” one user tweeted that their husband thinks the same.

Another user happily tweeted that they’re glad for not being the only one “who doesn’t know the difference.”