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Medical student found dead in Larkana college

Updated 25 Nov, 2021
Twitter users demand #JusticeForNosheenKazmi. Twitter.
Twitter users demand #JusticeForNosheenKazmi. Twitter.

Nosheen Kazmi, a fourth-year student at Chandka Medical College in Larkana, was found dead hanging from a fan in a girls hostel room on Wednesday.

According to reports, the vice-chancellor, registrar, and doctors rushed to the room right after the incident was reported.

Speaking to the media, Prof Dr Gulzar Sheikh who is the principal of the medical college said that the institution was fully cooperating with the police in its investigation. He also added the college has also formed an inquiry committee to investigate the incident.

The principal said that Kazmi’s family was allowed to meet the roommates of their daughter and the college is fully cooperating with them.

The cause of death remains unclear. The students at the Chandka Medical College are demanding justice for Kazmi and urging the police to investigate the incident thoroughly.

Meanwhile Twitter is also trending with the hashtag “JusticeForNosheenKazmi.

Pictures of her dead body have been circulated on social media but we have chosen not to post them here. Many people are sharing the image because it shows Kazmi's feet on the desk which has led to questions of whether she died by suicide or was killed.

One Twitter user is requesting people to stop sharing the pictures for the sake of the victim’s privacy.

A similar incident took place at a dental college in Larkana in 2019. Dr. Nimrita Kumari Chandani was found dead in her hostel room.