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People face long queues, hassles in quest to get petrol during strike

25 Nov, 2021
Pictures of people queued with their vehicles at fuel pumps went viral on social media. Reuters
Pictures of people queued with their vehicles at fuel pumps went viral on social media. Reuters

The nationwide strike of petrol dealers from Thursday for an indefinite period has caused panic and hassle as people swarmed to petrol pumps Wednesday night to refuel.

Pictures of people in long lines with their vehicles at fuel pumps were widely shared on social media with #petrol remained one of the top trends on Twitter.

Some users accused the petrol dealers of earning too much profit.

While another user blamed the government for its incompetence, saying Prime Minister Imran Khan has "ruined everything".

However, the social media account of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf "thanked" Pakistan State Oil, Shell Pakistan, Gas and Oil Pakistan Limited and Hascol for "not being part of the strike".

As per the complaint of a user on social media, the petrol pumps which were not part of the strike were also closed for public.

On Wednesday, the Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association announced a nationwide strike and closure of fuel stations starting today (Thursday) over the government's failure to increase the dealers' profit margin. The handout issued by the association did not mention when the strike will end.

In major areas of Karachi, including Clifton, Liaquatabad, Saddar, Sohrab Goth and I I Chundrigarh Road, the fuel stations are closed, reported Aaj News.

Quoting spokesperson of the PSO, the report said the state-owned company ensured supply of petrol to the public, saying fuel pumps operating under the company would remain open despite of the strike.

According to the report, a few petrol pumps were opened in various areas of the provincial capital where citizens are queued with their vehicles and they were also getting petrol in bottles.

In related news, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority took notice of the strike and mentioned that some elements were creating a "conspiracy" to disrupt supply of the fuel.

The Ogra spokesperson has directed all oil marketing companies to ensure uninterrupted supply of petrol to public and said the enforcement teams of Ogra would monitor on the field situation and would initiate strict action against the elements causing interruption in the supply of fuel.