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PM meets missing journalist Mudassar Naaru’s family

15 Dec, 2021
PM with Naaru's parents and child. Source: Shireen Mazari Twitter
PM with Naaru's parents and child. Source: Shireen Mazari Twitter

Prime Minister Imran Khan has sought a report on the whereabouts of missing journalist and blogger Mudassar Naaru and has reassured his family that action will be taken, said Minister of Human Rights Shireen Mazari on Thursday.

Islamabad High Court (IHC) Chief Justice Athar Minallah had directed Mazari to ensure a meeting between the PM and Naaru’s family before the next hearing of the case.

“PM met with Mudassar Naaru’s parents & son this afternoon,” tweeted the minister on Thursday.

She also said that the family gave details to the PM about what they have been going through since Naaru went missing.

“PM reassured them and immediately issued orders for complete report on Naaru’s whereabouts and on exactly what happened,” said Mazari.

Naaru went missing in August 2018 when he went on vacation to the Kaghan valley. Last spotted near the Kaghan river, Naaru was thought to have fallen and drowned into the river. However, his body was never found. Many people also speculated that he might have killed himself, but these claims were rejected by his family.

According to Dawn.com, Naaru’s family tried to register a first information report against “unidentified persons,” but the police refused to cooperate. A few months later, the journalist was spotted at a detention centre for ‘missing persons’ by one of his friends.

In one of the hearings of the case, it was declared that Naaru was a social activist and human rights defender, and he had allegedly been receiving threats from officials at state institutions before he went missing.

Justice Minallah has expressed severe displeasure at the act of 'enforced disappearances' and said that they are the worst form of corruption during the hearing of a petition filed by Naaru's family.