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Parents of APS martyrs protest against airing of "fake news"

17 Dec, 2021
Parents of APS martyrs are demanding justice from the government. 
SOURCE: Reuters
Parents of APS martyrs are demanding justice from the government. SOURCE: Reuters

Parents of the children killed in the 2014 attack on Army Public School (APS), on Thursday gathered to protest outside a private news channel’s office for airing "propaganda".

According to Dawn.com, almost 70 protestors gathered at the Peshawar bureau office of ARY News and stated that the channel was airing “fake” news that the families of the martyrs had received millions of rupees and other perks from the government.

Shahana Ajoon, the mother of one of the victims said that she woke up a 6:30am on the anniversary of the incident and saw that ARY News was airing fake news. She said that this was a tactic to divert attention from the parent's actual demands.

While the attackers have been punished, the military and civil officials who failed to provide safety measures haven’t been held accountable. The parents of the martyrs demanded that an FIR should be registered against them and those responsible for the massacre should be brought to justice.

Ajoon told Dawn.com that the PTI-led provincial government at that time had promised a compensation of Rs0.5 million for the families which was later increased to Rs2 million.

“The channel was misleading public by airing propaganda,” she said, adding that this was what led to protest. In response to the protest, press club officials told parents that the news was aired from the channel’s head office and that the bureau office played no part in it.

The parents ended their protest and said that they would take their complaints to the higher-up at ARY News.

According to spokesperson of ARY News, that channel aired information which was based on “government sources.”