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Hareem Shah says money laundering video was a "joke"

13 Jan, 2022
The famous TikToker Hareem Shah says she doesn't know what money laundering means. Screengrab
The famous TikToker Hareem Shah says she doesn't know what money laundering means. Screengrab

In a new twist to a case which has intrigued social media, TikToker Hareem Shah claims that her earlier video shaming authorities for not detecting her leaving the country with lots of cash, was just a joke.

In a video, originally shared on Snack Video, Shah is seated with stacks of British pounds. She says it's the first time she had carried a "heavy amount" from Pakistan to London and how sad it is for Pakistanis to convert their rupees into foreign currency.

FIA prohibits leaving Pakistan with currency above $10,000.

In the first video she said: "The government had promised to increase the worth of the currency, the worth of the [Pakistani] passport, but they didn't do anything. They could only talk," she said. She also warns people of traveling with large amounts of cash because officials can catch you but no one stopped her.

But in a new video released ostensibly following the FIA saying it would look into this incident, Shah said the whole thing was a joke as she doesn't know anything about money laundering. She was just posing with a friend's cash, cash that would soon be deposited, the friend claims.

Geo journalist Murtaza Shah, who is based in the UK, tweeted another video of Shah with the same friend, who said he was a former PTI candidate in the 2018 elections.

In its statement, FIA Sindh said "it has initiated an inquiry and sought details from Pakistan Customs and Airport Security Force as well.

"The FIA has decided to write a letter to the UK's National Crime Agency to take action against Hareem Shah," the statement said.

Shah, whose real name is Fiza Husain, has been in the news before -- for announcing her marriage in 2020 and not revealing her husband's name and in 2019 for making a video in the Foreign Office which went viral. Then too an inquiry was launched, but no one knows what came of it.