Aaj TV

The parliamentary meeting of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf reportedly descended into an exchange of harsh words between Prime Minister Imran Khan and Defence Minister Pervez Khattak, that prompted an almost walkout from the premier, Aaj News reported.

PM Imran was chairing the parliamentary meeting held to discuss the strategy for convicncing those in the PTI coalition to support the Finance (Supplementary) Bill 2021 - also known as the mini-budget.'

Coalition partners from the Grand Democratic Alliance and Balochistan Awami Party also attended the sesison, while the Pakistan Muslim Leage-Quaid group was represented by only one member.

During the meeting, Defence Minister Pervez Khattak raised the issue of provision of gas and electricity in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province and told the PM that he should remember who voted him to power.

"If you don’t like me, then I can hand over the government to somebody else," the PM reportedly replied before starting to walkout of the meeting.

The premier also chided the defence minister for raising the issue at the parliamentary meeting while accusing him of blackmail.

"I don't have mills and I didn't join politics to increase my wealth," the premier reportedly told Khattak during the heated exchange.

This allegeldy triggered a walkout from Khattak.

The defence minister, during an informal converastion with journalists following the meeting, denied having a heated exchange, stating "that I only raised my voice for what is our right."

When asked if he had walked out of the parliamentary session, he said that he was a smoker and left the session after lighting a cigarette.