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Ahmadi community "rocked" by rape allegations says British tabloid

13 Jan, 2022
A woman's rape allegations has divided the Ahmadi community. File photo
A woman's rape allegations has divided the Ahmadi community. File photo

The Ahmadi community has been "rocked" by rape allegations in which the leader of the sect has been accused of silence the victim according to a report earlier this week in the British tabloid Daily Mail.

This story was first reported by Samaa on Dec 29, 2021 in which Rana Tanveer wrote about London police investigating claims by a 36-year-old woman who said she was repeatedly raped in Rabwa over four years by men with close ties to the spiritual leader of the Ahmadi community. She also said her father raped her when she was younger and in the UK.

Samaa also reported her as telling the spiritual leader Mirza Masroor Ahmad of the rapes and he asked her to stay silent and that if she went public, she would be ex-communicated. She recorded the conversation and uploaded it on social media. Samaa said the community leaders have not contested the authenticity of the recording.

Since reporting on that story began, a person claiming to be the victim has tweeted a media guidance document clarifying her claims in a bid to stop false claims purported to be hers as gaining traction.

For example, she has clarified that she has not charged the head of the community of abusing her. She also said she remains a committed Ahmadi. She also lists her aims which is not to silence victims of abuse or protect the abusers and that people should be allowed to go to law enforcement without fear of reprisal from the community.

The Daily Mail's report on Jan 8, includes snippets of that recording. The leader told the victim: ‘My advice to you is that you drop this case, even if something happened… Even if it has, I am sure those involved would have asked for forgiveness already.’

Rana Tanveer, in his follow up story in Samaa on January 11, said three of the men accused of rape have rejected the allegations.

Many on social media are asking if this is the beginning of a Me Too reckoning in the Ahmadi community.

The hashtag #AhmadiMeToo has gained traction with women stepping forward to share their stories of abuse.

It's not just women sharing their stories as evidenced by this painful thread by a brave man who came forward with his story, saying abuse has no religion.