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Pakistan's youth is not happy with the government for banning the use of all cryptocurrencies. The trend #youth wants crypto has spread like wildfire on Twitter since local media wrote about a report being submitted to the Sindh High Court on Wednesday calling for a ban.

Cryptocurrency is a form of digital money designed to be used over the internet. It can be exchanged for goods and services and most importantly, crypto can be circulated without a central monetary authority such as a bank or government.

The most popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin.

The absence of laws to regulate the digital currency in Pakistan has always put its status in limbo. Social media users however, urged the government to “think outside the box” and “be bold.”

One user said that crypto is a simple solution to “make Pakistan great again.”

Another user lamented how Pakistan is always “at least 10 years” behind the rest of the world.

Social media users were forced to question the robustness of the digital Pakistan policy.

Many people threatened a sit-in if the government doesn’t take back the ban. The face of this campaign is television host Waqar Zaka, a longtime advocate of cryptocurrency.