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Noor murder case: Shaukat Muqadam demands capital punishment for Zahir Jaffer

He tells the court that he had no 'personal enmity' with anyone and his daughter was 'unjustly murdered'
Published 15 Jan, 2022 05:45pm
Session Judge Ata Rabbani conducted the hearing of Noor Mukadam murder case. File photo
Session Judge Ata Rabbani conducted the hearing of Noor Mukadam murder case. File photo

Shaukat Ali Mukadam — the petitioner in Noor murder case — called for capital punishment be awarded to prime accused Zahir Jaffer in his testimony on Saturday in an Islamabad session and judge court .

He also said he had no "personal enmity" with anyone and that his daughter was "unjustly murdered."

"Noor was similar to other Pakistani daughters," the victim's father told the court, adding it was his first testimony in his life and he should be pardoned in advance in case something went against the protocol.

Session Judge Ata Rabbani conducted the hearing of Noor Mukadam murder case on Satuday.

Noor was brutally murdered in July in the home of the prime accused in Islamabad.

"Usually Noor told me where ever she went," the former ambassador said in his statement. "However, occasionally she informed me after reaching the place," the petitioner said, adding he contacted her daughter's friends and went to their homes too.

He said he did not provide their names or contacts in the first information report.

Mukadam further said he stopped searching for Noor after her call on July 20 when she called and said that she was going to Lahore.

He then went on to discuss the crime including the gardener statement's about the Jaffer's home gate remaining shut.

"I have watched the complete CCTV footage of the crime scene and nominated gardener Jan Muhammad in the case," he told the court.

He referred to his statement that the gardener did not open the gate and it remained closed. "The CCTV footage also disclosed that the gate was closed," Shaukat told the court.

At this Mian Yusuf — Jan Muhammad's lawyer — said the gardener's job is to water the plants and not to close the gate.

During the hearing, accused Zakir Jaffer, Zahir's father, gardener Jan Muhammad and Zakir's watchman appeared before the court. Zahir's mother Asmat Adamjee who is on bail also attended the hearing.

A junior lawyer of Advocate Zulqarnain Sikandar — Zahir's lawyer — presented Sikandar's medical report which showed he had tested positive for Covid-19.

Mukadam's lawyer Advocate Shah Khawar said the defendant's lawyer could do the petitioner's cross-examination on the next hearing and that he had no objection on it as he wanted that nothing would affect the fair trial of the case.

The court adjourned the hearing of case till January 17 following a brief discussion on how cross-examination could be done when the defendant's lawyer was affected by Covid-19.

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