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The story of Heer Ranjha is not new; in fact it may just be Pakistan’s answer to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The difference in classes between the young couple, the longing to be together and a tragic end are all things that both the classics share.

Keeping this story in mind along with many rich folklores that have come out of our country, journalist Shahzeb Jillani and Wajeeha Athar Naqvi (also known as @tribalgulabo) have partnered to bring us a podcast that not only brings the mystic folklores to life but also examines the literature and nuances around it.

In Naqvi’s own words, “Heart Talk is about everyday conversations and the human condition and particularly those dealing with matters of the heart.”

In the two episodes released so far, Jillani and Naqvi talk about Heer and Ranjha from Punjab and Umer Marvi from Sindh.

This is not a run of the mill podcast with two people talking; it also includes political analysis and some songs based on the famous stories, immortalised by the likes of poet Waris Shah.

Here is a clip of Naqvi singing the beautiful poetry:

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