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Indian bride calls off wedding after groom slaps her for dancing, marries cousin instead

A valiant bride in Tamil Nadu, a state in South India, called off her wedding after she got into a violent argument...
Published 24 Jan, 2022 11:18am

A valiant bride in India's southern Tamil Nadu state called off her wedding last week after she got into a violent argument with the groom who slapped her for dancing at a wedding function. She asked the groom’s family to leave, but not before slapping him back.

According to the Republic World, the arranged wedding was to take place on January 20th. When the bride and her family arrived for a function on the 19th, they were dancing at the ceremony. The groom didn’t approve of the bride dancing in front of his family and the couple got into a heated argument.

When the argument escalated, the groom slapped the bride, who slapped him right back.

The bride’s family quickly stepped in and called off the wedding because of the groom’s ill-treatment of the bride.

The father of the bride, who is a renowned businessman, spoke to his elders and later arranged the marriage of his daughter to her cousin.

The two tied the knot on the marked date, January 20th.

Social media users are thrilled for the bride.

One person blamed the patriarchal structure of the society for the groom’s actions.


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