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Social media users aren’t happy with Karachi Kings poor performance throughout the seventh edition of the Pakistan Super League. After losing all seven of the matches, the team is officially out of the run for the title.

Twitterati expressed their disappointment and anger using memes.

In all honesty, watching Karachi Kings play had us on an emotional rollercoaster too. One fan shared how they felt using a clip from Feroze Khan’s controversial drama Aye Musht E Khak.

Another used a shot from the hit Netflix series Squid Game that mirrored their feelings.

This one has us laughing-out-loud.

Karachi Kings got eliminated from PSL 7 after they lost to Islamabad United on Monday by just one run.

One of the most hilarious scenes from Bollywood film ‘Three Idiots’ also made the cut.

Here’s a mean but funny meme.

One user posted a clip from Anwar Maqsood and Moin Akhtar’s show ‘Loose Talk.’