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Two house officers accuse Sindh varsities admin, police for protecting accused harassers

17 Feb, 2022
Parveen accused the university officials of sexually assaulting the girls and then killing them. Later their deaths were declared suicides, she added. Friday Times
Parveen accused the university officials of sexually assaulting the girls and then killing them. Later their deaths were declared suicides, she added. Friday Times

Two female house officers Parveen Rind and Almas Behan have accused their university's admin as well as police for not taking action against the people they claim sexually harassed them, saying they were providing the men protection.

In a report in Dawn newspaper Rind and Behan, enrolled in Peoples University of Medical and Health Science for Women, Nawabshah and Sindh University, respectively said the varsities' administration had so far done nothing to arrest the accused in the case.

The victims appealed to higher authorities, including prime minister and Chief Justice of Pakistan to take notice of the situation and grant them justice.

The two young women were speaking at a rally on Wednesday staged by Journalists, Writers, Civil Society for Truth, Peace and Justice (JWC) as a protest against rising incidents of female students’ harassment in SU and other educational institutions of the province. The rally culminated in a demonstration outside Marvi girls’ hostel in SU, according to the report.

Instead of providing security to the victim, the SU administration “tried to scare” Almas away, she said in the rally, saying she had filed complaints of harassment but so far no step was taken.

“I am being intimidated in the name of a probe committee,” quoted Almas in the story.

Talking about her ordeal, Almas said the officials did not take any action against the people who were responsible for attempting to kidnap her. This made her feel extremely insecure and led her to quit studies for good but no official of the university contacted her later related to her complaint. She alleged the police for intimidating her and raiding her house.

“Such incidents discourage those parents in rural areas who have allowed girls to pursue higher studies,” she said. A house officer at PUMHSW Nawabshah’s nursing school, Rind vowed that she would not remain silent until justice was served in her case. She would continue raising her voice against harassment incidents in the university, she said.

Rind accused three officials of the university for attempting to beat her to death at her hostel room a few days ago when she refused to follow their “unethical” orders.

She added Dr Gulshan Ali Memon, the university’s vice chancellor, did not take any action over her complaint and he was supporting the accused officials nominated in her first information report. She also alleged Nawabshah administration and police for protecting the main accused.

In a suo moto hearing of Rind’s case on Tuesday, Sindh High Court Chief Justice Ahmed Ali M Shaikh directed the police to complete investigation in her case within 15 days, reported Dawn.

Rind, in the report, also talked about other suicide attempts in Sindh universities, accusing the officials of sexually assaulting the girls and then "killing them." Later their deaths were declared suicide, she added.

On September 16, 2019, Dr Nimrita Amarta Maher Chandani, a BDS student of the Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Medical University, was found dead in her hostel room. The university administration said she died by suicide.

The post mortem report stated she was sexually assaulted before her death and died due to asphyxiation

In the same circumstances, Dr Nausheen Kazmi, a fourth-year MBBS student, was found hanging from a ceiling fan in her hostel room at the Larkana’s Chandka Medical College on November 24, 2021.

Both the deaths were declared suicides but women's families rejected the claim and demanded judicial inquiries.

In a latest medical report into the death of Nausheen, it was found that the DNA found on the deceased’s viscera was matching with the DNA found on Nimrita’s viscera. This report is establishing the likely involvement of a single suspect in the apparent killing/suicide of both the medical students, reported The News.