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Ukraine downed 14 Russian planes, 8 helicopters, 102 tanks: AA

President's aide claims more than 3,500 Russian soldiers killed, 200 taken prisoner so far
Published 26 Feb, 2022 08:42pm
Photo: Reuters.
Photo: Reuters.

KYIV: Some 14 warplanes, eight helicopters, 102 tanks, 536 armored vehicles, and more than 3,500 soldiers belonging to the Russian forces were shot down, Ukrainian authorities said Saturday.

Russia started to deploy additional military units in regions along its border with Ukraine, reported Anadolou Agency citing a statement by the Ukrainian General Staff.

“Estimated losses of Russian troops include 14 aircraft, 8 helicopters, 102 tanks, 536 armored vehicles, 15 artillery, and the 'Buk' missile system,” said the statement.

Mikhail Podolyak, the adviser to the Ukrainian president, said in a statement about the situation in his country that clashes continue in the cities of Kherson, Mykolaiv, Odesa, and Mariupol.

Pointing out that the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the police are keeping the situation under control across the country, Podolyak stressed that "the situation in Kyiv and Kyiv region is also under control.”

"As of this (Saturday) morning, more than 3,500 Russian soldiers were killed and 200 were taken prisoner," Podolyak said.

Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine entered its third day Saturday with the latest reports indicating that Russian troops clashing with Ukrainian forces in the capital Kyiv.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the military intervention Thursday, days after recognizing two separatist-held enclaves in eastern Ukraine.

He claimed that Moscow had no plan to occupy the neighboring country but wanted to “demilitarize” and “denazify” Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy accused Russia of trying to install a puppet government and said Ukrainians will defend their country against Russian aggression.





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