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The internet continues to be fascinated by an optical illusion that challenges their perception.

Shared by Lenstore in February, it explains how the optical illusion works -- but don't worry, we won't spoil it for you.

It lists four examples of optical illusions but the dot one called Troxler's Fading seems to be the one that has internet users scratching their head the most.

It's named after Swiss philosopher Paul Troxler who in 1804 discovered if you focus your vision on a certain element, it can make other elements fade or disappear entirely. He found that the brain ignores visual scenes that don't change.

It has captivated and even shocked internet users since it surfaced first on Reddit before making its way across social media platforms.

Watch as popular TikTok star Dean Jackson shares the illusion on his TikTok to see how good you are at concentrating and what you end up seeing.