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Singer Meesha Shafi, who has fast become synonymous with the movement for women’s rights, released her new song ‘Rajkumari’ or queen on International Women’s Day.

The song, another collaboration with music producer Abdullah Siddiqui, was dedicated to all of Shafi’s “South Asian queens on this International Women's Day.”

Rajkumari’s lyrics have all the makings of an anthem for women empowerment, as it speaks of how when women decide to stand for themselves, they are a force to reckon with.

It also talks about how women constantly stand up and fight battles for their rights; how one day, the world will bow down to women. It also discusses how women are strong and how many roles they fulfil and how, as Shafi said, “look at you, you look like a queen.”

Listen to the song here

The song’s catchy tune is a melodious accompaniment to the powerful lyrics, making it music you can drive to, work to, or just generally let your hair down and dance around to.

The video also packs quite a punch, with Shafi dressed in a costume that seems inspired by the Mexican Festival of the Dead and what we seem to think is inspiration from Alice and the Wonderland’s queen of hearts .

The video also features other powerful women, including Huma Mobin, Pakistan’s leading creative. Mobin was nine months pregnant at the time and this is possibly the only representation of an actually pregnant woman in the industry.

The colour grade chosen for the video is dark and cool, making the women seem all the more powerful, in black kurtas, traditional make up and chunky silver jewellery.

The video also stays away from putting too many filters (if any were put at all) post production and you actually see women with their skin textures, pores and all, including Shafi. And whoever ended up doing the nails for this video deserves a shout out on their own.

Overall, we loved the vibe of the song and were a bit disappointed that it was just a little longer than three minutes and we will be blasting it all week.