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A border collie in the UK named Pepper probably qualifies as the smartest dog after getting on a bus to find its way home.

According to a story in the British tabloid Sun on Tuesday, Pepper was separated from its owners in a park in Stevenage, 29 miles north of London. The dog walked around 2.5 miles to a bus station and caught the local number 7 bus home -- a bus route it has taken with its owners.

Stunned bus passengers were surprised to see the dog get on the bus, sit for 15 minutes and get off at the correct stop for its home.

Luckily for the owners, Charlotte and Saffron, a passenger recognized Pepper as their dog and called them. The owners had been frantically looking for their dog and were impressed to learn it had got on the bus by itself.

The woman got off the bus with Pepper and waited with her until the owners arrived. The owners offered her a treat but she refused.

“We were so proud of Pepper," Charlotte was quoted as saying in the tabloid.

"It was like something out of Lassie — she not only got herself to the bus station but managed to walk around it looking for our normal stop, which is right at the back. When the bus came, she jumped on board and went to the buggy bay, where she laid," she said.