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Disheartened by the current political situation of the country, where the opposition is set to oust Prime Minister Imran Khan from office through the no-confidence motion, an overseas Pakistani, Zeeshan Ahmed, from Ireland has organised a fundraiser to buy a new country for the PM.

“Disappointed by the current state of Pakistanis and their disrespect for our great leader Imran Khan, I’m raising money for Overseas Naya Pakistan,” said Ahmed in a tweet.

“We will buy him a new country where he can rule for life without pressure or opposition,” he added.

Ahmed urged all overseas Pakistanis to participate so they can buy an Island where PM Imran Khan can develop a Naya Pakistan “without any external pressure.”

“He is the greatest leader our nation has ever seen but he is being targeted by the International Establishment,” wrote Ahmed on the campaign page. The fundraising campaign garnered various reactions from social media users.

Some failed to take it seriously and laughed out loud.

Others called Ahmed a scammer.

One person was left thoroughly confused.

Many admired the love and dedication overseas Pakistanis have for the PM.

But none of them actually ended up sending any money, much to Ahmed's dismay.