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Baran-e-Rehman: Eclectic Ramazan transmission returns to Aaj TV Network

Hina Altaf, Sidra Iqbal and Shaheryar Asim to host iftar, pre-iftar and sehr transmissions respectively
Published 01 Apr, 2022 03:34pm
Photo: Aaj TV.
Photo: Aaj TV.

With the holy month of Ramazan that is full of blessings round the corner, Aaj Television Network is all set to bring its annual Ramazan transmission ‘’Baran-e-Rehmat’’ that will be simulcasted on Aaj News and Aaj Entertainment.

Baran-e-Rehmat will celebrate the holy month by conducting and offering various segments in its transmission, shedding light on the teachings of Islam, everyday life issues and their solution as per our religious teachings with ulema, muftis and renowned Islamic scholars.

During the transmission, the show will also discuss recipes of delicious and healthy iftaar and sehri food - from staples to gourmet - with professional chefs as well as healthy dietary tips from accredited nutritionists and dieticians.

Discussion will also be held on the importance of charity and donations along with Islamic-themed contests and quizzes to impart general knowledge regarding the religion to viewers.

Like every year, the exclusive Ramazan transmission of ‘’Baran-e-Rehmat’’ will comprise three sub-transmissions.

The iftaar transmission will be hosted by celebrity Hina Aagha Ali, née Altaf along with Dr Muhammad Zubair, ulema, nutritionist, chef, etc., daily from 4pm to 8pm.

The pre-iftaar transmission will be hosted by presenter Sidra Iqbal along with the chef, ulema and naat khuwaan, etc., from 1pm to 4pm.

Shaheryar Asim - also known as Sherry - will host the exclusive sehri (pre-sunrise meal) transmission along with the chef, ulema, etc., from 2am till the morning call to prayer (Fajr).

For updates and details, tune it to the official social media platforms of Aaj News and Aaj Entertainment.

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