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Buzdar denies corruption allegations against Bushra Bibi, Farah Khan

06 Apr, 2022
Usman Buzdar says he followed all rules and regulations during his tenure as chief minister. File photo
Usman Buzdar says he followed all rules and regulations during his tenure as chief minister. File photo

Punjab former Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has denied allegations of corruption targeting the prime minister's wife Bushra Bibi and her close friend Farah Khan.

He slammed the opposition for making baseless accusations against housewives, like the first lady and Farah Khan.

“The only purpose is to criticise Imran Khan in any way — you will fail because no one can point a finger at Imran Khan's honesty!” he tweeted.

He was referring to estranged PTI leaders and opposition members' claims that Farah Khan was taking bribes to transfer public officials to postings of their choice.

He was probably also referring to an audio leak featuring Aleem Khan, wherein he can be heard saying that Bushra Bibi received jewelry from Malik Riaz, a claim denied by the Bahria Town owner.

“I strongly deny the allegations levelled by Aleem Khan, Chaudhry Sarwar and other opposition members as they are baseless and without proof,” tweeted Buzdar.

He said all postings were made on merit and the opposition had a habit of making baseless allegations.

He said the PML-N has yet to prove a "single corruption scandal" against him or his cabinet during his tenure and demanded they bring proof to their claims.

Farah Khan in the news

Bushra Bibi's close friend has been in the news since the corruption allegations against her began to surface. They reached a fever pitch when it emerged on Sunday that she had left for Dubai, the day the prime minister asked for the assemblies to be dissolved.

A photo of her in a private jet seated with an Hermes bag that is said to cost $90,000 also became the topic of intense debate on social media.

PML-N leader Miftah Ismail also commented on the photo in his press conference on Tuesday.

He said the public was told to eat “one roti” instead of two whereas Farah Khan’s bag was worth Rs16.2 million.