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Farah Khan's fleet of at least dozen vehicles includes two Porsche

Excise dept records show Farah, husband have 19 motor vehicles registered in their name, including luxury vehicles
Published 08 Apr, 2022 07:26pm
Farah Khan - a close friend of Bushra Bibi, wife of PM Imran Khan. Photo via Twitter
Farah Khan - a close friend of Bushra Bibi, wife of PM Imran Khan. Photo via Twitter

In another startling development, it has been revealed that there are 19 motor vehicles, included several luxury cars, registered in the name of First Lady Bushra Bibi's close friend Farah Khan and her husband Ahsan Gujjar.

Citing Excise department records, Aaj News reported that there are at least 12 cars registered in the name of Farah Khan, who is also known as Farhat Shahzadi and Farah Gujjar.

It must be noted here that there have been massive allegations of corruption labelled against Farah Khan, including by her husband's father as well as those who were once in PM Imran's inner circle. An image of hers with an expensive bag in a chartered plane also went viral on social media recently.

As per the latest report, two luxury Porsche cars are in her name along with at least three other vehicles of the Toyota company. The fleet of cars in her name also include two vehicles of the Honda company and five vehicles of another Japanese company Suzuki.

Meanwhile, seven vehicles are registered in the name of her husband Ahsan Gujjar as per Excise department records.

As per news reports, Farah left for Dubai on Sunday after the no-trust motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan was dismissed and the National Assembly was dissolved. Her husband, Ahsan Jamil Gujjar, has also flown out of the country.

Former provincial minister and PTI leader Aleem Khan was the first to allege that former CM Usman Buzdar took bribes for transfers and postings of civil servants in Punjab, and Khan remained complicit in these corrupt practices. She’s believed to be Buzdar’s ‘front-woman.’

Meanwhile, Usman Buzdar has denied the allegations and accused the opposition of cooking up a controversy to malign Imran Khan.

Moreover, PML-N MPA Iqbal Gujjar - who is the father in law of Farah Khan after the latter's marriage to his son, says he stands by his son's first wife.

"My son & ImranKhan have played into the hands of a group of women which captures rising stars," he said about Farah in a widely shared video, adding that he had severed ties with his son as well over the marriage.


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