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Pakistani illustrator Shehzil Malik’s art featured on Ms Marvel’s new poster

21 Apr, 2022
<p>Malik is a recipient of Yvonne M.T. Hebert Award from UN Women.
Source: Instagram / Shehzil Malik</p>

Malik is a recipient of Yvonne M.T. Hebert Award from UN Women. Source: Instagram / Shehzil Malik

The latest poster to come out of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s next big superhero show, Ms Marvel, features the work of Pakistani artist and illustrator Shehzil Malik’s art.

“Yes that is my art in the poster by Marvel to represent Ms Marvel’s Muslim/ Pakistani-American heritage!” said Malik in a tweet on Wednesday.**

The artist also revealed that Marvel had asked to use some of her artwork in the show to represent Kamala Khan’s heritage as a Muslim/Pakistani-American superhero.

“Thank you to Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy for thinking of me, and the Marvel team for including my art in the show,” wrote Malik in an Instagram post. “The poster is designed by Marvel; original artworks that they’ve collaged in the background are by me,” she added.

Oscar-winning Pakistani filmmaker Chinoy, is one of the film’s directors of the series alongside Meera Menon, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah.

Malik has been previously featured on AJ+, CNN, DW, BBC and Forbes with clients including Sony Music, Penguin Random House, Oxfam, New York Times, GIZ and Google.

The Lahore based illustrator’s art focuses on reclaiming the female form and fighting for rights and self-representation for female artists.

Malik is a Fulbright scholar with an MFA in Visual Communication Design from the Rochester Institute of Technology and is part of the International Development Innovation Network. Her art exploring the South Asian identity, advocating for human rights, and campaigning to dismantle the patriarchal norms has won her several awards.

She’s a recipient of the Yvonne MT Hebert Award from UN Women, and Australian Awards Fellow for Human-Centred Design: Local Innovation for Development, which is a programme between Australian social impact organisations and leaders from the Global South.

Malik’s pen etched the strong women she envisions. Using vibrant color schemes she shows women unapologetically taking up public space, riding bicycles, playing the guitar and gazing boldly at onlookers.

In 2019 Aurat March, Malik unveiled original artwork campaigning for women’s rights and sharing positive messages about women. She put up posters throughout Lahore and released her designs online for people to download, share and spread her message freely.

Some of her posters were also used by the Aurat March movement itself, this year.