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SHO suspended for releasing fake CCTV footage in Dua Zehra case

The police have also claimed 14-year-old searched for court marriage online
Updated 22 Apr, 2022 04:34pm

KARACHI: The CCTV footage that allegedly shows Dua Zehra leaving her house on her own accord has been declared fake, despite it being released by the police.

The footage was released by SHO Badar Shakeel, who claimed that the 14-year-old had sat in a Suzuki and left in the middle of the night.

The family denied the authenticity of the video and lodged a protest with the police. After a thorough investigation, it was revealed that the video was indeed not from Dua’s lane and did not show the teenager.

SHO Shakeel was suspended for sharing the video without verification.

Police, on April 21, claimed that Dua may not have been kidnapped and may have left her house on her own accord instead, while also releasing supposed CCTV footage from the day she went missing.

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Dua’s parents denied the police’s claims and have said that it is not their daughter that can be seen in the footage.

Furthermore, the police claim that a look through the 14-year-old’s internet history showed that she had been searching for topics such as court marriages, elopement and marriage out of one’s own will.

They further refuted the parent’s claims about Dua being a student of grade seven and that she had not attended school for the last one and a half years. According to the police investigation, the young girl had not attended a single class since she was in the third grade.

A resident of the Korangi Golden Town area, Dua went missing after stepping out of the house to dispose of garbage on April 17, according to her father.

The family lives on the top floor of the house, with the missing girl’s father saying that he suspects the residents of the lower floor.

According to neighbours, the girl would return straight to her house even when she stepped out for any chore. “We are praying that she is found safe and sound.”



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