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SBP withdraws six-day workweek order

Banks will function from Monday to Friday, with some branches being opened to facilitate businesses on Saturday
Updated 07 May, 2022 04:31pm
<p>People protested outside the State Bank.</p>
<p>SOURCE: Business Recorder</p>

People protested outside the State Bank.

SOURCE: Business Recorder

Banks will remain open from Monday to Friday again as the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) withdraws the decision to impose a six-day workweek, reported Aaj News on Saturday.

From Monday to Thursday, banks will remain open from 9am to 5 30pm with a 45-minute lunch and prayer break, while on Fridays, banks will remain open till 6pm as employees will avail a one and a half-hour break starting at 1pm and ending at 2pm.

Some branches in major cities, however, may remain open on Saturdays as well to facilitate business centres, markets, hubs and ports.

Collection booths at Custom Houses and ports will remain open 24 hours, seven days a week.

SBP has also directed banks as well as microfinance banks to submit a complete list of the branches opening on Saturdays, while also updating these lists on websites for the ease of customers. Banks have also been directed to display prominent signs at their branch building indicating that they will be open on Saturday.

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