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It might be difficult to imagine an end to the deep-rooted rivalry between Pakistan and India. However, time and again, a new hope is birthed when the people of the two nations unite on common ground.

This time, the common ground proved to be Ali Sethi and Shae Gill’s Coke Studio song, Pasoori.


Written by Sethi and Fazal Abbas, Pasoori tells the story of transcending boundaries and bridging distances through compassion, love, and identity. The song’s music producer Abdullah Siddiqui said that Pasoori is a mix of different cultural influences. There’s a little bit of the classical tune of a rubab along with a modern reggaetón beat.

Having crossed 100 million views on YouTube, and remaining on top of Spotify’s global charts the song is proving to be record-breaking. Bollywood actors, Indian YouTubers and influencers have flooded the internet with soulful covers, mashups, transitions, dance videos and more.

Pawri Ho Rahi Hai

Divided by borders, Indian and Pakistani people also found themselves virtually connected by Instagram personality Dananeer Mubeen’s ‘pawri ho rahi hai’ video that went viral last year.

Indian YouTuber Yashraj Mukhate turned Dananeer’s video into a song by adding beats to phrase. It was picked up celebrities on both sides of the border. The internet got to witness, countless ‘pawri ho rahi hai’ videos.

Death of Lata Mangheskar

The death of ‘India’s nightingale’ Lata Mangeshkar proved that music has no boundaries. When the 92-year-old singer passed away in February, Pakistanis mourned her as their own. Politicians, singers, activists, and social media users paid tribute to Mangheskar and expressed immense grief.