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Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah said on Thursday that PTI chief Imran Khan claim of getting two million people to attend his anti-government protest against the coalition government was a bluff. Getting even 20,000 supporters to show up to the Islamabad protest is beyond the PTI, he said.

In various rallies and speeches, Imran has said that he expects two to three million people to show up for his Islamabad protest as he pushes for early elections following his ouster in a no-confidence move. Imran says he will announce the date after May 20 and the protest would be towards the end of the month.

“Two million is a far cry, he can’t even get 20,000 people,” the security czar said. “If I want, he can’t even get 20 people to come to Islamabad.”

He said that the government would decide on a policy after deliberations with coalition partners.

“If such a policy is in place, I won’t even let 20 PTI supporters to enter Islamabad,” said Sana.

Imran Khan and his PTI have launched a nationwide anti-government campaign. Their public gatherings have attracted large number of supporters incuding in his hometown Mianwali.

The Mianwali rally took place a day after an accident involving Imran’s spokesperson Shehbaz Gill. Imran claimed that Gill was targetted while stating that the government would be responsible if the PTI leadership or workers faced any such action.

Authorities investigating the Gill’s incident ruled it to be an accident.