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Some people feel that even if they are wearing good shoes their feet still hurt and it is a bit of a mystery to them.

We spoke to Dr Zahid on the Aaj News morning show to ask about solutions.

Dr Zahid speaks to Sidra Iqbal on Friday about diabetes and feet care, May 13, 2022 on Aaj Pakistan

“People who don’t have problems wear their shoes all the time, but it is like closing your feet in a box,” he said. “Sometimes the feet fit and sometimes they don’t. But what happens [with a badly fitting shoe] is that the ligaments, tendons and muscles and nerves start to experience fatigue.”

That is when you feel the urge to take your shoe off. He added that people with diabetes have to be extra careful.

If your feet hurt people assume it is because of blood pressure, but that is not always the case. “Sometimes it is a deficiency of Vitamin D,” he said. “People think that because we live in a sunny place that we don’t need it. That people should not be Vitamin D deficient.”

If you want to check your Vitamin D levels, just ask for it at a lab. The level of 20 nanograms/milliliter to 50 ng/mL is considered adequate for healthy people. If you have less than 12 ng/mL you have a vitamin D deficiency.

If it shows up, you have two choices, an injection or the capsule form (Sunny D tablet). (But please ask your doctor before taking if you have any other health conditions).

Vitamin D in food comes in fish especially or eggs.

People with Vitamin D deficiencies get leg aches and can even have migraines.

What people don’t realize is that Vitamin D comes at a special time during the day, early morning, not during the middle of the day when you are just being exposed to harmful ultraviolet or UV rays.

“If you are only exposing your face, then you are getting nothing,” added Dr Zahid. “Skin exposure is necessary.”

People could also have a B12 deficiency, so it is always a good idea to keep an eye on your bloodwork and get regular check-ups.

Just keep in mind that the best shoes are ones that allow your toes space in the front and do not pinch them. Half an inch is a good idea.

If your joints in the toes are swelling up, you’ll have to see a doctor to assess if you have some form of arthritis. Sometimes your uric acid levels need to be checked.