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The jamun or black plum or Malabar plum is a great source of Vitamin C. But health experts caution that people with certain conditions should not eat it.

It is good for anxiety, the normalize blood pressure and is great for people with diabetes.

Mahir-e Tibb-e Nabvi Agha Abbas speaking to Sidra Iqbal about the benefits of jamun and some caution.

The jamun is a little bit like the falsa. The jamun fruit and its seed are both beneficial. The seed has a chemical which if you suck on after you’ve finished eating the flesh, it can help manage your blood sugar levels. Jamun seeds have alkaloids which prevent starch from being turned into sugar and that is why it keeps diabetes in check.

If you eat too much jamun, you can get a stomach ache.

You can have jamun with kala namak, say experts. But people with blood pressure should always keep an eye on salt intake.

Jamun helps with heat stroke and people who feel dizzy.