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Brace for impact: Karachi to hit 40 degrees, as heatwave persists across country

The current heat cycle will continue for the next two days, MET chief
Published 13 May, 2022 12:33pm
<p>People spray each other with water as temperatures rise in Karachi. AFP/File</p>

People spray each other with water as temperatures rise in Karachi. AFP/File

Karachi: Temperature to hit 40C in Karachi on Friday (today), the chief meteorologist said, as people grapple with six-nine hours of load shedding and hospitals treat patients infected with diseases in the wake of the heatwave.

The current spell of heat will continue for the next two days, Chief Meteorologist Sardar Sarfraz told Aaj News.

“Due to the heatwave, day temperatures are likely to remain 07-09°C above normal in Punjab, Islamabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit-Baltistan and Kashmir, while 06-08°C above normal in Sindh and Balochistan. The general public is advised to take precautionary measures to avoid the heatwave,” according to the daily weather forecast issued by the Met Office.

With the change of weather, increased cases of cholera, diarrhoea, and fever are being reported across the city. More than 140 cases of cholera have been reported in Karachi.

“Citizens should follow precautionary measures and be careful in eating and drinking,” according to Dr Adil, the in charge of Sindh Government Korangi Hospital Emergency Department.

Experts have also advised people to eat jamun or black plum or Malabar plum to beat the heat but to also exercise some caution while eating the fruit.

People in many areas of the city have been complaining of six to nine hours of load shedding in the country. Karachi’s Liaquatabad, Golimar, Gulbahar, PIB Colony, Surjani Town, Orangi Town, Banaras, Safora, Johar, and Old City areas are experiencing six to nine hours of load shedding, Aaj News reported on May 11.



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