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Maryam Nawaz to stay dominant, tarot card predicts

For Khan, the cups runneth (fall) over, literally; Bilawal asked to rely on his own talents
Published 17 May, 2022 11:28am

Mercury is in retrograde in Scorpio and that would mean that this week would normally be tough for Scorpios but lady luck is definitely smiling on PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz, with her Tarot card reading coming up all aces.

Tarot card reading husband and wife, Liaquat and Anjum Anjum Jogi drew a King of Wands for Maryam on Sidra Iqbal’s morning show Aaj Pakistan.

“This was very unexpected,” Liaquat said, “I did not think such a good card will come up for Maryam Nawaz.”

“The king of wands is a leader, the kind that takes their people with them and she will stay in a position of dominance for the coming week.”

The tarot cards brought forth eight of swords for Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto, with a prominent sun right on top of the card.

“Bilawal has self-imposed limitations on himself, ones that do not let him live up to his full potential, although for him this time is perfect to trust his talents,” Anjum said.

“I will take this further, the sun signifies a father or father figure, and it is clear that the father is telling Bilawal what to do and not to do,” Liaquat chimed in.

For ousted prime minister Imran Khan, a Libra, the five of cups came up. The card has four overturned cups and one cup that is upright.

“Each cup represents 20 per cent of an opportunity and Khan has lost 80 per cent of it. He is running after it and wondering what has happened,” predicted Liaquat.

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