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A recent graduate of a madrassa has been booked for killing an Ahmadi man over “religious hatred” in Okara, according to an FIR registered with the police by the victim’s uncle on Tuesday.

The FIR was registered in Okara’s Chochak police station. The victim Abdul Salam Munawwar was on his way to home from the fields when Hafiz Ali Raza (also called Mulazim Hussain) stabbed him.

Munawwar’s uncle has accused Muhammad Amin, the chief cleric of the seminary, of provoking Raza to commit murder by delivering religious speeches inciting violence against Ahmadis, according to the FIR.

The police registered the case under Section 302 (Punishment of qatl­e­amd) and Section 109 (Punishment of abetment) of the Pakistan Penal Code. Section 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997 was included in the FIR.

Ahmadi community spokesperson in Pakistan Saleemud Din confirmed the killing and tweeted: Abdus Salam was stabbed to death in a “religiously motivated attack.”

“The attacker Mulazim Hussain son of Bashir Ahmed is … still at large,” read the tweet.

Munawwar left behind a widow and three children, four and six years old sons and one and a half years old daughter, according to the tweet.