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'We've been told not to raise petrol prices until we plan for Pakistan's poor'

Updated 19 May, 2022

Asma Shirazi and Minister of State Musadik Malik on Faisla Aap Ka on Wednesday night. Image: Aaj News

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said that until the ministries give him a foolproof way to protect the poor man from inflation, he will not increase petrol prices by a paisa, Musadik Malik, the minister for petroleum, told Asma Shirazi on Faisla Aap Ka on Aaj News Wednesday night.

"This is an economic decision," he said, when she asserted that this was a populist decision. "How do you think this government is running?"

Imran Khan planted an 800-billion-rupee time bomb, added Malik. He should have thought about that as Pakistan's prime minister. "We have a duty that we ensure the poor is protected."

The poor person is defined as anyone who earns less than Rs30,000 a month. "We have been ordered to plan and visibly show how we will protect that person," he added.

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