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Opinion: Imran has been pulling big crowds in small cities

23 May, 2022

Sidra Iqbal speaking to journalist Ali Haider about Imran Khan’s announcement to hold the long march on Islamabad March 25 to press for early elections. Image: Aaj News

The big news over the weekend was that Imran Khan announced that he would tell his supporters when they had to head to Islamabad for a long march. His demand is early elections. When he has a jalsa, he fires quite a bit of ammunition at his rivals, such as Shehbaz Sharif.

He later announced that the long march would kick off on Wednesday, May 25. “It is jihad against zulm,” he said. “We will stay in Islamabad as long as we need to. We want transparent elections. If the people want to vote in thieves, they can vote them in. As long as it is not something dictated from abroad.”

Syed Ali Haider, an anchor, was asked to comment on this development. There are two days to go. Will the government put hurdles in the way of the long march. “I don’t think elections will be announced in that time,” he said. Imran Khan has to build a major momentum. He is charging people up and getting a response. He is having big jalsas in the smaller cities. So it is likely to be bigger and different from the 2013 long march.