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Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Vice President Maryam Nawaz has held Imran Khan responsible for the death of a police constable during a raid on a PTI workers residence in Lahore.

Addressing a press conference outside the house of the slain policeman on Thursday, she said the policeman’s wife also blamed Imran Khan for her husband’s death.

The PML-N leader said that she was proud of the people of the country for rejecting the narrative of the ‘fake revolution’ the PTI chairman was calling for. “It is not a revolution but an act of spreading anarchy,” she added.

“Imran Khan, your own sons are safe in London while you make others children put their lives on the line in your quest for power,” she said.

“If Imran Khan wants real independence, he should bring his sons to Pakistan and then start his movement.”

She said that PTI-led government did nothing for the development of the country, adding that all the development projects were launched during PML-N’s preceeding tenure.

She advised the PTI chairperson to refrain from spreading chaos and anarchy in the country, adding that he should be ashamed of using the religion card.

“Imran Khan who has no respect for the women is speaking about the state of Madina,” Maryam said.