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Farah Gogi made billions during PTI’s tenure: Ataullah Tarar

The PML-N leader alleges that Gogi was given complete powers in Punjab
Published 05 Jun, 2022 09:13pm
<p>Screengrab: AAJ NEWS YouTube</p>

Screengrab: AAJ NEWS YouTube

LAHORE: Punjab government spokesperson Ataullah Tarar has said that under the Tax Amnesty Scheme, relief was given to Farah Gogi because she was a close friend of the former first lady Bushra Bibi, adding that Gogi’s total undeclared assets were about 10 billion rupees.

“Farah Gogi made billions during PTI’s tenure and used Bushra Bibi’s influence for postings and transfers of government officials,” Tarar said while addressing a press conference alongside Uzma Bukhari in Lahore on Sunday.

He alleged that Gogi was given complete powers in Punjab and while sitting in Punjab she was ruling over the entire country.

The PML-N leader said that commissions and kickbacks were given during the PTI’s tenure, adding that new records of corruption were made during the Imran Khan-led government.

“Their assets that were in millions are now in billions,” he said adding that they should tell the secret behind this to the nation so the people could also use their knowledge to come out of poverty.

Tarar alleged that diamonds worth billions of rupees were sent to Dubai and were sold there and then the money earned by selling them was transferred to Pakistan by hundi.

Imran Khan misused his authority on the directions of her wife, Bushra Bibi, he added.

Tarar said that Imran Khan has never declared his assets. “No one knows how Imran Khan earns his living.”

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