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No one will carry out ‘suicide attack’ if Imran Khan arrested: Rana Sanaullah

Interior minister says that the PTI chairperson should resolve issues through dialogues
Published 08 Jun, 2022 12:22am
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No one would attempt to carry out a suicide attack if Imran Khan was arrested, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah said while hitting back at threats of suicide attacks by PTI MNAs if something happened to Imran Khan.

“When Khan Sahib has committed a crime, he should be arrested,” the interior minister said while speaking exclusively on Aaj News program Faisla Aap Ka. The minister said that he would guarantee none of the PTI MNAs would attempt to carry out a suicide attack if Imran Khan was arrested.

A day earlier a PTI MNA Ataullah Niazi had threatened the government to carry out ‘suicide attack’ if something happened to his party chairman Imran Khan.

The PTI MNA had warned that he would not let the government leaders nor their children live.

Speaking about PTI’s ‘long march’, Sanaullah said that the PTI chairperson had been running his campaign for a month. “Imran Khan should sit and resolve issues through dialogues,” the minister added.

He said that PTI could continue with its long march towards Islamabad only if the state or the Supreme Court allowed it.

Sanaullah said that he was determined to arrest Imran Khan. “It is for the first time that the revolution has granted bail,” he said.

The interior minister said that the government would present its stance in the court.

“They have attacked the capital. We have requested the Cabinet to register a case against them,” he said adding that the government had evidence against Khan.

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