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Imran: Military, two political families have collectively ruled Pakistan for 60 years

PTI chief says will announce date of 'biggest march in Pakistan's history' within next few days
Published 08 Jun, 2022 10:20pm
<p>Screengrab: AAJ NEWS YouTube</p>

Screengrab: AAJ NEWS YouTube

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairperson Imran Khan said that the military and two political families have collectively ruled Pakistan for 60 years.

“We know these intra-party elections are being held in a hurry, not the ones we want in our party but we’ll get them InshaAllah,” the former premier said while addressing the PTI’s National Council meeting in Islamabad on Wednesday, adding that fast track election was the need of the hour.

Talking about his party’s ‘Haqiai Azadi March’, Imran Khan said he would announce the date of the ‘biggest march in Pakistan’s history’ within the next few days.

He said the main object of elections was to elect competent people who can run the country. “Democracy is based on meritocracy, not on imperialism,” he added.

“There are two systems kingdoms and democracy. In kingdoms, there is no merit. In Pakistan, we said it’s a democracy but it’s a feudal system.”

He said that PTI was in power for only 3 and half years about which they were crying and saying the country was going towards destruction.

“We will bring meritocracy through elections in the party and it can be brought only when the electoral process is fixed.”

Recalling the shelling and torture over the participants of the Azadi March, the PTI chairperson said that he had never thought of the kind of tear gas shelling.

“How our women faced the shelling at D-chowk is incredible, I pay tribute to them,” Khan said.

He said that his party women had been performing really well.

“There is a special respect for women in Pakistan and in Islam. I am someone who has seen the world and I never imagined I would see this in my own country.”

He said that the police and forces knew that there were women and children present there.

Imran Khan said his government did not stop anyone from doing a long march towards the federal capital, neither hurdles were created.

The PTI chairperson said that people, who had been involved in corruption cases, were imposed on the country, adding that the rulers came into power only to give themselves relief from the corruption cases.

“When my government was removed the public came out by their own will,” he added.

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